9 November 2017

The High Court’s big decision yesterday – and what it means for you

This news piece dominating the headlines today is a very significant case for Australian society. Of course every case that is handed down by the High Court is significant, but this one has something in it that could affect many people at all levels of society and may also impact other parts of the law. […]

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26 October 2017

Ignorance no defence when it comes to Directors’ duties

This recent news article is a sad illustration of a person who as a Director of failed company says she was not aware of her duties as a director. Not only did she not know what her duties as a director were (and went on a massive spend up of company funds on her lifestyle) […]

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25 October 2017

Elderly parents’ WA estate drained by their kids. The lesson? Speak out.

Elder Abuse is a scourge – it is, like domestic abuse, almost always perpetrated by those closest to the vulnerable person, as the ABC story from here in Perth yesterday illustrates. It is predatory and usually cold and well calculated – it is not a ‘crime of passion’ but part of an abuse cycle that exists in […]

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9 October 2017

How does an unsent text message become a Will?

Informal Wills in the news again today, this time a draft text on a mobile phone that was never sent ending up in Court. In 1987 the Wills Act (WA) was amended to allow things called ‘Informal Wills’. What actually is an Informal Will however has required many other amendments to the Wills Act over the last […]

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19 September 2017

$15,000 raised for Prostate Cancer

We recently got together with some good mates and raised an impressive group total of $15,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).  The Foundation dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer […]

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18 September 2017

Big news just two years in

Last year our firm was acknowledged in the short list for Best Law Firm and then Morgan Solomon in the Best Lawyer category for Wills and Estates Litigation in WA by the prestigious Doyle’s Guide. This year we are thrilled to have been acknowledged again but this time in a further two categories as well as the […]

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22 August 2017

A change in the wind for inheritance claims

Justice Michael Pembroke is an interesting fellow; a writer, historian, naturalist and most relevantly for us, a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW. In a series of three decisions over the last year and half, he has started to give shape to a change in attitude for inheritance claims that we have also begun […]

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18 July 2017

Is your machinery protected if your clients’ money dries up?

As any farmer or farm machinery dealer can tell you, parts of Western Australia have seen below average rainfall for both April and May, leading to rainfall deficiencies and below average soil moisture around the State. The climate outlook for June to August also indicates a drier than average winter. If this trend continues, crop […]

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13 July 2017

Estate planning 101 and the tips to consider

Estate planning essentially means getting smart when it comes to the legacy you’re looking to leave.  A legacy that can go one of two ways.  Either it can be an incredibly beneficial gift ensuring you’ve set your loved ones up in the right way or it can be a terrible burden and end with unimaginable […]

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11 July 2017

Is your Will giving you the right tax advantages?

An important but often overlooked consideration in estate planning are the tax implications that may arise. The decision of the Western Australian Court of Appeal in Caratti v Commissioner of State Revenue [2017] WASCA 128 delivered on 7 July 2017 makes it clear that if a Will is not worded correctly, then it can change […]

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