19 February 2017

Meet Dave. The second in our Scenario Series

This is Dave. Actually, that’s not his real, name, but we shall call him that.   This Dave may not be real, but he represents a very real person; in fact, he represents a large number of clients we’ve seen in recent times whose scenario is more common that it should be. If you know […]

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16 February 2017

Murder no way to earn a living

In Hollywood noir movies and Agatha Christie type novels you sometimes see stories of spouses murdering each other for the insurance money, or for the inheritance.  I don’t doubt it happens, and indeed there are numerous cases that have come before the Courts that prove that a financial motive can be very powerful indeed.  I […]

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15 February 2017

How to ensure sudden wealth doesn’t end in tears

‘The Curse of Sudden Wealth’ could be the alternative title for this news piece. It sounds paradoxical, and to most of us, it feels almost counterintuitive – that suddenly having great wealth thrust upon you is a bad thing.  But the fascinating truth is that more money often equals more problems – especially for the […]

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13 February 2017

Meet Amanda. The first of our Scenario Series.

Meet Amanda. Actually, that’s not her real, name, but we shall call her that. Amanda’s scenario is much more common than it should be, and we get depressed every time we see this situation because it can be so very grim. The position ‘Amanda’ finds herself in is so common that we’re sharing it with […]

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