On the back of two concurrent local awareness raising public events, our firm would like to offer one WA family our assistance.  Whilst a small gesture on our part, hopefully it has enormous benefits.

This week is Law Week here in WA – an annual opportunity for the legal profession to engage with the Western Australian community to build a shared understanding of the vital role of the law in our society.  May 24th this year also marks the annual Biggest Morning Tea, raising awareness and money to support the valuable work of the Cancer Council.

It is no secret that cancer is a terrible and far-reaching disease, and the effects on the sufferer and their immediate family can be immense.  It is one of the cruel ironies that as a family dealing with a cancer diagnosis must battle the disease itself they must also battle more mundane but still critical things such as Wills and estate planning, which become even more important to get in place, and to get right at such a crucial time.

We would like to offer one WA family who has been hit with a cancer diagnosis in the past 12 months a comprehensive estate plan for the one or two adults within the family itself.  All taken care of – on us, at no cost, and all wrapped up by December 2018.

The offer is pretty simple – the first family to make contact with a brief outline of how this offer will help them (offline is fine on morgan@solomonhollettlawyers.com.au) will be the one chosen. We’ll update this post when this has occurred and this offer has been taken up, of course keeping all details completely confidential.  This offer is open both to our existing clients or someone not yet known to us.

We’ll work with this family over the next six months to get their plan in place, giving them the peace of mind they have the right strategies and protective mechanisms in place, which at a minimum shall include Wills but likely also enduring powers of attorney and powers of guardianship, amongst other succession documents.

We’re doing this because we feel compelled to help a family on the back of the great work the Cancer Council does.  It’s a good thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do.

Unfortunately we only have the capacity to offer this to one WA-based family. Our hope however is that other estate planning law firms see this post and follow suit, helping other families in similar need. Feel free to share this to help spread the word.

UPDATE: Please note that we have now been in contact with the most deserving Perth family on this one and the offer has been taken up, we couldn’t be happier to be helping, the email we’ve just received from them very heartwarming.  Thank you all for sharing this offer around, and as we say, here’s hoping a few other firms have similar offers on the go.