Our flexible billing structures

Solomon Hollett Lawyers provide informed, rational and commercially sound advice matched with first-class legal representation tailored to each client’s needs and situation.

In terms of being commercially sound and tailoring our work to each of our clients, this also extends to how we bill our clients, working with each client to establish a billing solution that works best for them.

We like to give our clients as much certainty and flexibility as possible in everything we do, and have a range of pricing models that we’re happy to tailor to meet your needs.  The most common pricing models are outlined below, and we’ll discuss all of these options with you when we meet.

Fixed fee structure

Most of our clients like the peace of mind of knowing from the get go what the cost of the legal work will be, and are opting for a fixed fee upfront before the work commences, where we agree on a scope of work to be performed and what the cost of that work will be, presenting you with an obligation free proposal that you sign off on before we get started.  This involves us sharing the risk with our clients because if there is a cost blowout along the way, and our costs exceed the fixed fee agreed, our client will not be required to pay more than the agreed fixed fee.

Clients know what they are up for and appreciate the fact there are no additional costs by way of incidentals such as phone calls, meetings, printing and dispatch of documents.  We have been honing our fixed fee modelling for a number of years now with both clients and our staff appreciating the efficiencies and focus on outcomes this model affords.  The only additional costs are costs that are payable to third parties, such as Court filing fees, service fees, ASIC search fees or barristers fees.

We find the fixed fee model also allows a much stronger and regular line of communication between ourselves and our clients with clients able to pick up the phone or send an email at any time without the concern of this adding to their overall fee.

Our fixed fee scoping takes into consideration a large number of elements, and includes the complexity of the issue you’re facing or want to avoid, the outcomes are you’re looking to achieve, the degree of expertise required, how urgent the work is, and how difficult or how easy the path will be to the desired outcome.

As part of our fixed fee structure for our clients on litigation matters, we provide a fixed fee that sets out the work for particular stages of your matter and smooths out how the client pays for that work, so that there is not such a big outlay at any one stage.  We understand the importance of working with our clients to minimise the inconvenience caused by litigation.

Time based structure

A number of our clients prefer to be billed on the traditional hourly rate so synonymous with the legal practice.  In these situations we agree on an hourly rate with the client and provide regular and detailed invoices for payment so the client can see at regular intervals what has been done and what has been achieved.

Fixed retainer structure

Appealing to a number of our commercial clients who are after a certainty of spend, our retainer fee structures allow clients to be charged a fixed periodic monthly, quarterly or even annual fee.  The retainers we agree on are based on either a certain amount of hours, global options where we cover all of your legal work, or specific retainers where we look after particular facets of our clients’ legal requirements.  A number of our litigation clients have also opted for the retainer model during the preparation phases of their work allowing them to again work to particular budgets and cashflows, eliminating the peaks and troughs that often occur in this aspect of legal practice.

Hybrid structure

There are a number of cases and clients we take on where the work is so complex or unique that we need to match the work with an appropriate billing structure that best matches the work, and this can often mean both fixed price and time based billing interchangeably taking place during the life of a matter.


Payment types

We have a number of payment options available enabling you to pay us in the method that best suits you.  These are also detailed on your invoice and include the following:

  • Bank transfer – our bank details appear on your invoice for your ease, please remember to include your invoice number and surname on the transfer description, and then please send your remittance advice via email to accounts@solomonhollettlawyers.com.au or by post.
  • Credit card – to pay by credit card simply complete the relevant information on your remittance advice that accompanies your invoice and send back to us via post or email on accounts@solomonhollettlawyers.com.au or by phoning us on (08) 6244 0985. Please have a copy of your invoice to hand if you are phoning as you will be asked for your invoice number.  Please note that we accept both VISA and Mastercard with all credit card transactions incurring a 2% processing fee.
  • Cheque – please send your cheque, along with your remittance advice to us at Solomon Hollett Lawyers, 3/33 Richardson Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

Should you have any queries regarding your invoice please do not hesitate to contact us on accounts@solomonhollettlawyers.com.au or (08) 6244 0985.

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