13 March 2019

Commercial dispute looming? How to avoid Trump size legal costs

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen. Their dirty laundry has been aired very publicly indeed – and now so too are the legal costs of being involved in this sort of super heavyweight scrap. This article making front page news is a touch vague, but I have […]

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5 March 2019

Cut the financial cord with your family, or not?

Have you or haven’t you cut the financial cord with your family? This is the question asked in this illuminating piece in the New York Times today  This article points out some remarkable pathways that open up based on the level of dependence of an adult child. In estate planning we see this routinely.  More […]

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11 February 2019

Testamentary capacity – a recent case and what you need to know

As estate planning lawyers, we see clients at all stages of their lives, from starting a family or their first business, to planning their retirement. As is the nature of our work, we often have clients who are very advanced in age who want to change how a previous Will divides their assets. With all […]

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6 February 2019

Family loans – not to be taken lightly

In today’s landscape, it is becoming more and more common for loans to be given between family members. It may be that parents want to assist their children in buying their first home (when banks are increasingly strict on their lending behaviour, especially in the light of the recent Royal Commission recommendations), children are purchasing […]

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14 January 2019

Deceased estates and the family home – what you need to know on the tax front

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. This always has been (and always will be) true, and unfortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive. There are strict tax rules that apply when a deceased person’s family home is disposed of which you should be aware of, […]

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14 January 2019

The tribal psychology of Will contests

I spend quite a bit of my working day in a very contentious environment. I may be acting for one side of a family who are defending a Will against an attack by another family member, or I may be on the attacking side, trying for one or more aggrieved family members to fix a […]

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29 November 2018

More dangers of DIY legals

Being around your loved ones as we approach the festive season, many people start to consider their Will and estate planning – the legacy that they will leave behind and how their loved ones will be provided for after they are gone. It can be tempting to make an informal Will or make changes to […]

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5 November 2018

Federal Government targeting illegal phoenixing of companies

We have probably all heard of (and some of us will have been impacted by) companies that are unable or unwilling to pay their debts and are placed into liquidation, often leaving creditors with little recourse other than to await the outcome of the liquidation and see if they will receive any or a partial […]

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1 November 2018

When someone else’s property becomes your own – the laws around adverse possession

“A Sydney property developer has won the ownership rights to a home in the inner west after finding it empty and renting it out for two decades” … an extreme situation indeed here in this article today. The more common situation is where boundary fences are incorrectly placed and the error is not picked up […]

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20 October 2018

The Mac in trouble

Fleetwood Mac have a well known turbulent history – 43 years of platinum hits and blockbuster world tours netting each band member a place in the rock ‘n roll pantheon and enormous fortunes. Their tortuous bust ups and divorces have until now only resulted in solid gold hit songs of heartbreak and lost love. But […]

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