Estate Administration Lawyers

Our team provides a holistic service when it comes to estate planning, and this includes support or advice when it comes to the administration of an estate. Our work with clients can include assisting with applications for grant of probate, grant of letters of administration and of course the administration and distribution of an estate.

Estate Administration Lawyers

Estate administration and how we can help

Our estate administration services include:


  • Guiding you through the process and working out the best options
  • Applications for a grant of probate
  • Grant letters of administration
  • The distribution of an estate
  • Legal obligations and duties

Helping you fulfil your duties and ensuring the right legacy is left behind

The role of an executor (or an administrator if there is no Will in place) must make an application to the Supreme Court of Western Australia Probate Office for a grant of probate if a Will is in place, or if there is no Will in place then letters of administration are required. We are well experienced in helping clients through what can be a tricky process particularly when it comes to working through the assets and liabilities which need to form part of the application.

We can also walk you through your duties and your obligations which can include liaising with family and business associates, coordination of beneficiaries’ gifts and distributions, opening and closing bank accounts, advertising for creditors, organising insurance, performing an inventory (that alone can take weeks in some cases) protection of assets, preparation of statements, preparation of accounting and instructing accountants to do tax returns, selling shares and real estate, calling in debts, commencing legal action against outstanding debts, court applications for a grant of probate, and establishment of testamentary trusts or protective trusts or life interests if contained in the Will.

For some clients we act as mentor or advisor on a casual or ad hoc basis, just wading in to give discrete advice now and again only when needed. For some clients we do it all and take all the burden of the work off their shoulders – and some clients want something in-between.

 Meeting with us to give us an understanding of your situation is the best way to start where we can outline the options open to you and recommend the best pathways forward.

The role of an executor is a complex one and requires a great deal of close attention and hard work. We often have executors delegate all the heavy lifting to us so that they can live their lives in peace and comfort and minimise the risk of angry or bitter beneficiaries who make increasing demands on an executor’s time. Being an executor can sometimes be a full-time job and is not to be taken lightly as executors are liable for the estate.

No estate is too large or too small to seek legal advice on how to handle it- when to distribute, when and how to pay creditors, advertise for unknown claims, sell property, engage accountants for tax advice and the thousand other routine tasks that befall an executor or administrator. Seeking that advice as early as possible maximises the return to beneficiaries and the harmonious distribution of estates.

The importance of estate planning

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