Business Fraud Recovery Lawyers

Our lawyers can advise on complex, high-value fraud and asset tracing matters including cyber fraud, accounting fraud, misrepresentation, invoice fraud, bribery and secret commissions, banking fraud, money laundering, business partners fraud, corporate fraud and white-collar crime.

Our litigators have substantial experience advising on business fraud investigations and strategies for obtaining effective and rapid remedies to secure and recover assets, including freezing orders, injunctions, disclosure orders and other relief for the identification and protection of assets.

Our work includes

  • Asset tracing, including briefing offshore counsel and accountants
  • Bankruptcy, financial restructuring and insolvency
  • Civil and criminal fraud claims
  • Claim or defense analysis and assessment
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Financial services and regulation
  • Freezing and disclosure orders
  • Internet and eCommerce fraud
  • Risk advisory, including preventative strategies and policies
  • Trade secrets including misappropriation of confidential information
  • Data theft
  • Strategies to regain misappropriated funds and assets

Advising liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy

As is too often the case with fraud matters, assets and funds are usually shifted, laundered or even sent overseas in an attempt to hide any wrongdoing and prevent the victim from recovering what was taken. To ensure you maximise your prospects of recovery, it is imperative you act quickly when you suspect fraud and if possible, before this happens.

We have significant experience in making successful interlocutory applications for freezing orders, search and seizure orders, delivery-up orders and third party disclosure orders from banks or other institutions.

We have an experienced team available at short notice to conduct a fraud investigation or obtain urgent injunctive relief.

A victim’s primary concern is to recover the assets that have been stolen. Civil remedies, rather than police intervention, is often the best method in maximising your recovery options as it can include creative or flexible strategies that are not easily obtainable through the criminal justice system.


In the event that our clients wish to report the fraudulent activity of their employees or other third parties to the enforcement authorities, we can guide them in their interaction with those authorities, including providing information to the authorities to assist with the preparation of criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of the fraud.

Once a criminal prosecution begins, any civil proceeding can potentially be stayed until the prosecution is finalised which may take years. During this time, your money may be halfway around the world and tracing it becomes virtually impossible.

Understandably, a victim’s first instinct is to go to the police; however, their involvement can be problematic due to the time that they may require to investigate. For this reason, we find that it is often more efficient to pursue a civil case prior to going to the Police.

Business fraud can be very emotionally taxing too, because it often happens amongst trusted family or friends, business partners or colleagues. We can help steer you in the right direction to navigate the loss, which is often more than just financial.

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