Dispute Resolution Lawyers Perth

In the challenging landscape of legal disputes, having a team of skilled dispute resolution lawyers in Perth can make all the difference.

At Solomon Hollett Lawyers, we specialise in turning conflict into resolution. Our approach is all about understanding your unique situation, employing strategic thinking, and leveraging our extensive experience to guide you to a resolution that aligns with your interests.

Whether it’s business disagreements, partner disputes, or any other form of legal contention, we’re here to smooth the path to an amicable solution, transforming disputes into opportunities for positive outcomes.

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Litigation Lawyers

Litigation lawyers

Navigating the complex waters of legal disputes requires a skilled hand. Our team of litigation lawyers brings a wealth of experience in handling various matters, including contract, property, and commercial disputes. We offer more than just legal representation; we provide practical solutions tailored to your unique situation. With our knowledge and dedication, we stand as your steadfast advocates, guiding you through the intricate and often challenging world of litigation.

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Bankruptcy & insolvency

Facing bankruptcy or dealing with insolvent debtors can be daunting. Our dispute solicitors bring years of specialised experience to the table, helping you understand your options and navigate the complexities of bankruptcy. From negotiating with creditors to handling liquidations and bankruptcy notices, we’re here to offer clear guidance and robust support through every step of the process.

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Debt recovery

Recovering owed debts demands a strategic approach. At Solomon Hollett Lawyers, we assist individuals and businesses in efficient debt recovery actions. Whether dealing with small claims or substantial corporate debts, our approach is cost-effective and proportionate, ensuring you receive the owed amounts without unnecessary expenditure.


Mediation and arbitration

Resolving disputes outside the courtroom is often a preferred path. Our team excels in mediation and arbitration, offering guidance to find mutually agreeable solutions. Whether through the impartial facilitation of a mediator or the decisive judgment of an arbitrator, we’re committed to finding the best possible resolution for you.

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Forming a business partnership is a significant step, and having a detailed, well-crafted partnership agreement is crucial. Our lawyers are adept at considering all potential future disputes and issues, ensuring your partnership agreement thoroughly covers the roles, rights, and obligations of each partner. We tailor our approach to the unique nature of every partnership.

Contract Signing


Before you sign or draft any significant contract, understanding your rights and obligations is paramount. Our dispute resolution lawyers provide invaluable advice, ensuring your contracts protect your interests and meet your expectations. Whether updating terms, adding clauses, or ensuring compliance, we are here to safeguard your dealings with practical, insightful legal counsel.

Effective dispute resolution

Choosing Solomon Hollett Lawyers for dispute resolution brings numerous advantages to your legal journey:

  • Diverse resolution strategies: Gain access to a range of solutions, from mediation to litigation, tailored to suit your unique dispute.
  • Cost-effective approaches: Avoid the high costs of court battles with smart, cost-effective dispute resolution methods.
  • Faster resolutions: Experience quicker resolutions compared to traditional litigation, saving time and reducing stress.
  • Confidential processes: Benefit from private and confidential handling of your disputes and preserve your personal and business reputations.
  • Knowledgeable guidance: Receive guidance from professionals skilled in negotiating and ensure your interests are effectively represented and protected.
  • Amicable outcomes: Foster the possibility of amicable resolution and preserve important relationships.
  • Customised solutions: Every dispute is unique, and so are our solutions. We provide tailored advice and strategies to meet your specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of disputes can your Perth dispute resolution lawyers handle?

Our dispute resolution lawyers are equipped to handle a wide array of disputes including commercial conflicts, contract disagreements, partnership issues, property disputes, and personal legal conflicts. We tailor our approach to suit the specific nature and complexity of each case.

What’s the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Mediation involves a neutral third party facilitating discussions to help both sides reach a mutual agreement. Arbitration, on the other hand, is more like a private court where an arbitrator hears both sides and makes a binding decision.

How long does the dispute resolution process typically take?

The duration will vary depending on the complexity of the dispute and the chosen resolution method. Mediation could take a few hours to several days, while arbitration and litigation might extend over several months or even years.

Is dispute resolution confidential?

Yes, dispute resolution processes like mediation and arbitration are typically confidential, providing a private forum for parties to discuss and resolve their issues.

Can dispute resolution be more cost-effective than going to court?

Generally, yes. Methods like mediation and arbitration can be more cost-effective as they often require less time and resources compared to formal court proceedings.

What happens if a dispute cannot be resolved through mediation and arbitration?

If mediation or arbitration does not lead to a resolution, parties may proceed to litigation, where a court will make a binding decision on the matter.

Do I need a lawyer for small claims or minor disputes?

While not always necessary, having a lawyer can be beneficial even in small claims or minor disputes to ensure your rights are protected and to provide guidance throughout the legal process.

How can a dispute resolution lawyer help?

Our dispute resolution lawyers in Perth can provide legal advice, represent your interests, prepare necessary documentation, and guide you through the resolution process, ensuring that any agreement reached is fair and legally binding.

What are the chances of settling a dispute outside of court?

The chances vary depending on the dispute’s nature and the parties’ willingness to compromise. Many disputes are successfully resolved out of court through mediation or arbitration.

How do I prepare for a dispute resolution session?

Preparing involves understanding the facts of your case, gathering relevant documents, considering your objectives, and being open to negotiation. Our dispute resolution lawyers can help you prepare effectively by outlining key issues and potential strategies.