Our areas of expertise

Solomon Hollett Lawyers offers advice and expertise that includes commercial advice, commercial disputes, commercial leasing and property, bankruptcy and insolvency, Wills and estates planning, estate litigation and inheritance disputes, estate administration, power of attorney and business succession, as well as mediation and arbitration.

Our client base is diverse; working with private clients, businesses both small and large, professional bodies, associations, charitable and not for profit organisations and government agencies.

Wills & estates

We are highly experienced and highly regarded when it comes to Wills and estates, succession and inheritance law, regularly featuring on the top of the prestigious peer-voted Doyle’s Guide annual rankings. Our legal advice and strategies help our clients create, preserve transfer and, govern their wealth, to ensure their loved ones are properly provided for and well protected – we strive to ensure our clients leave the right legacy in place. We work with clients every day on their estate plans with documents such as Wills, Power of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney or Guardianship, Testamentary Trusts, Discretionary and Protective Trusts and business succession plans.

Will challenges and inheritance disputes

The number of inheritance disputes and challenges to Wills and estates grows year on year as family structures and dynamics become more complex and business or asset structures become more sophisticated. We are specialists in this field, protecting our clients when their position or entitlement is being challenged, or helping clients mount a challenge to right the wrongs; from negotiation and mediation right through to court representation we are here for you.

Commercial & business law

As experienced commercial lawyers and litigators, we work with a diverse array of clients from large businesses, SMEs and sole operators, and across a broad spectrum of industries. We offer advice and legal solutions that are commercial and pragmatic from drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, to advice on and the setting up of legal structures, the buying, selling or transfer of businesses, business succession, loan agreements, confidentiality agreements, deeds of settlement and release, directors disputes, due diligence, franchising, and the buying or leasing of businesses and property.

Dispute resolution

Our firm specialises in commercial dispute resolution, commercial litigation, Wills and inheritance disputes, estate challenges and estate litigation. Whether it is nipping a dispute in the bud with early negotiations, reaching a settlement, or right through to representing clients at trial or on appeal, we are here to help no matter what stage you are at.

We are highly experienced when it comes to the ever-increasing complexities of business structures and disputes and the ever-changing legal landscape of Wills and estates disputes, inheritance challenges and claims. We work closely with clients to both plan for and prevent these disputes, and to defend them when made and commence them when needed, providing smart legal solutions to navigate what are often very challenging times both emotionally and financially.

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