Our FAQs

Got a question? At Solomon Hollett Lawyers, our goal is to demystify the legal complexities you’re facing and help you achieve the best possible outcome. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help below. If you don’t find your question here or need a more in-depth discussion, please reach out. We’re committed to guiding you every step of the way.


What areas of law do Solomon Hollett Lawyers specialise in?

Solomon Hollett Lawyers specialises in estate disputes and estate litigation, Wills and estate planning, commercial law and commercial litigation.

How do I schedule a consultation with Solomon Hollett Lawyers?

Simply give us a call on (08) 6244 0985 or visit our website and enter your details either to make an appointment to see us, or to take advantage of our free 15 minute call with one of our lawyers for all new matters.

How much does an initial consultation cost?

Consultations differ depending on the type of matter you would like to discuss with us – simply get in touch and we can give you a fixed price for your consultation once we ask you a few simple questions over the phone, or via email should you wish.

What can I expect during my consultation with a lawyer from Solomon Hollett?

We are experts in our field, and we are experienced at putting clients at ease, working through the issue you’re looking to resolve, and giving you a good view on what it will take in terms of strategy, price and time on the sort of legal expertise you are after. 

How do you determine the fees for your legal services?

Fees are determined depending on the nature and complexity of the matter, and the strategies and scope of work we decide on with you once we’ve discussed your matter in detail.

Can you provide an estimate of the total cost for my case?

Of course we can, and we’ll be more than happy to provide an estimate both in price and time when it comes to your matter, and to discuss the sorts of outcomes we’d be looking to achieve with you.

How long does it usually take to resolve a case?

Once we know more about you and your case we will be able to give you an indication of how long it may take to resolve.  There are often a number of different strategies we can employ and courses we can take, and with everything we do, we look to resolve matters as soon as possible.

What is your approach to communication with clients during a case?

Open, honest, regular and ongoing communications underpin the great work we do with each of our clients. We take a true partnership approach to ensure we’re in regular contact throughout the course of your engagement with us. 


We’ll also keep you up to date with ongoing communications post-matter by emailing you with the latest legal trends and things you need to know, whether its on the home front when it comes to things like estate planning, or the business front on matters such as ways to protect a business from potential disputes in the future. 

Can I expect regular updates on the progress of my case?

Yes, we stay in regular contact with all of our clients throughout the course of our work with them – regular communication helps us as much as it eases you.

Do you offer alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration?

We sure do. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration often lead to great outcomes and can see matters wrapped up fast. There are often a number of different strategies and legal avenues we can consider when working with our clients, and when we speak we can walk you through the options available to you.

How do you protect my privacy and confidentiality during the legal process?

It goes without saying that client privacy and confidentiality is critical to everything we do, and we protect this at every step.

Can you represent clients in both family and commercial law matters?

Solomon Hollett Lawyers specialise in both succession law (Wills and estates as well as business succession matters) and commercial law (commercial planning and commercial disputes and litigation).  We don’t specialise in family law matters such as separation and divorce, but we work closely with exceptional family lawyers and are more than happy to recommend someone should you wish.

What sets Solomon Hollett Lawyers apart from other law firms?

Solomon Hollett Lawyers is a tight-knit group of experienced and legal professionals dedicated to helping clients with high quality legal advice and solutions to help them get ahead. We pride ourselves on our outstanding group of lawyers, a team focused on getting clients the right advice and solutions they need to move forward. We specialise in succession and estates law, commercial law, commercial litigation and estate litigation. Our lawyers are experienced, well-informed and commercially savvy. Importantly, we are all great people with strong community interests and a focus on the betterment of the communities we operate in. 

Can I find testimonials or reviews from past clients on your website?

You sure can. The best place to look is our website, or our Google reviews which grow in number by the day – a great place to see exactly what clients have to say in their own words about their experiences with us.

What are the steps I should take if I want to proceed with Solomon Hollett Lawyers for my legal needs?

Simply get in touch via phone or our website to make a time to meet with us. Remember to take advantage of our free 15 min call for all new matters!

How do you keep up-to-date with changes in Australian law?

It is incumbent upon us to keep up to date with changes in Australian law as well as Court attitudes and changes that may impact laws in the future.  We do this by continuing to practice across our growing client numbers and needs. We stay closely in touch with peers and networks, speaking on topics and issues we specialise in to our legal peers and with the memberships we hold, such as our prestigious association with groups such as Law Australasia.

Do you offer legal services for clients located outside of Western Australia?

Yes we do, but only when the matter is relevant to our practice here in Western Australia, as laws both across Australia and internationally of course can differ dramatically.  Get in touch and we can advise if we can assist you with your matter if you outside of the state, as some matters we may not be able to help you with, but can look to recommend someone who can if we’re not in a position to help.

Can I switch to Solomon Hollett Lawyers if I am currently working with another law firm?

In most instances, yes you can, and we often find clients come to us from another firm for a variety of reasons. Once you get in touch we’ll let you know how to transfer your case or work to us, and we’ll help make this as easy as possible for you.

What are your office hours and how can I reach you outside of these hours?

Our office hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can often reach us after hours via email, the mobile numbers listed on our site or via a facebook message.


Do you provide legal services to businesses as well as individuals?

Yes, we provide legal services to businesses as well as individuals across our wills and estates and commercial practice.


How does Solomon Hollett Lawyers handle cases involving multiple areas of law?

Each client, each case and each circumstance is different and can often involve multiple areas of law. Get in touch today and we can advise you on the area/s of law your matter entails and how we will best be able to assist or on-refer you to one of our top notch legal peers who can.

Can you provide guidance on government regulations and compliance for my business?

Yes we can, and our commercial legal team will be happy to help.

How do I know if I have a strong case or legal issue worth pursuing?

Before we take on any client or any case we work with you to determine your position and will be able to give you an indication of the strength of your case. We don’t take on cases we don’t feel we’re able to add value to, and will give you an honest assessment of where we think you stand and what you should do.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with a Solomon Hollett lawyer?

Once we speak with you over the phone or make an appointment with you we’ll be able to advise what you may need to bring or prepare, depending on the type of matter.

How can I stay informed about the latest developments in the areas of law that concern me?

We do our best to stay in touch with our clients as often as we can via email to keep them up to date with areas of the law that may be of interest to them both on the home front when it comes to succession law, or on the business front when it comes to succession law.  


We update our website regularly with blogs and news items, and don’t forget to follow our firm on Facebook or our lawyers on LinkedIn where you’ll often find them writing or sharing information that will also help keep you up to date.

Morgan Solomon

Director Begin your Estate Planning

Morgan Solomon is one of the State’s leading succession lawyers. His legal experience spans over 20 years and includes complex wills and estate planning and probate, inheritance issues, estate disputes and litigation and business succession. He also has a wealth of experience in general commercial law. Morgan is regularly listed in the renowned Doyle’s Guide each year as one of the leaders in estates law and frequently speaks to the legal profession and media on the ever-changing and increasingly complex landscape that is succession law. Morgan also sits on the Board of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and is the Chair of the Perth Theatre Trust.

Craig Hollett

Director Begin your Estate Planning

Craig Hollett is a highly regarded and well versed commercial litigator with over 20 years’ experience. Craig’s extensive experience includes commercial and contractual disputes, building and construction, general commercial litigation, debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency, insurance law, professional indemnity and liability, defamation, mortgage enforcement, vocational disciplinary proceedings, OH&S prosecutions and public liability. Craig’s ethos is firmly on working towards solutions that each client is seeking, ensuring that each outcome is commercially viable and proportionate to the size and scope of the issue or the opportunity.

Brandon Hetherington

Director Begin your Estate Planning

Brandon Hetherington has considerable experience across the realms of wills and estate planning, probate and family provision claims, property law, commercial law and litigation. Brandon’s work has seen him appear frequently across the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Brandon has substantial experience in drafting and providing advice on a range of commercial documents, including land sale contracts, leases, business sale agreements, loan agreements, security documents and guarantees. Brandon also has a passion for advocacy, with strong skills when it comes to both running litigation matters and representing clients before the Court.

Andrew Bower

Director Begin your Estate Planning

Andrew Bower began his legal career as a law clerk in 2008, whilst studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in finance at Murdoch University.

Andrew has extensive dispute resolution experience in matters involving contractual disputes (including restraint of trade disputes), estate disputes (including passing of accounts, solemn form, and family provision applications), ACL claims, negligence, Corporations Act and guardianship and administration matters.

Andrew’s commercial work primarily involves assisting SMEs in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts involving asset acquisitions and disposals, shareholder agreements, settlement deeds, loan agreements, business terms and conditions, as well as advising on corporate governance issues.

Andrew builds lasting relationships with his clients, and prides himself on delivering creative out of the box legal solutions to his clients.

Outside of work, Andrew is a director of several not-for-profit community organisations.

Matthew Gunn

Senior Associate Begin your Estate Planning

Matt is a dedicated estates lawyer, experienced in both estate planning and the administration of deceased estates on behalf of clients.

Miriam Corbould

Associate Begin your Estate Planning

Miriam joined Solomon Hollett Lawyers in 2023 after relocating to Perth post a few years working in Melbourne. Miriam is a specialist in commercial litigation with a keen interest in estate litigation, and has almost 10 years’ experience in the legal arena, commencing as a Law Clerk in 2014 and working her way up to her current role as Associate here with us.

Annabel Pizzata

Solicitor Begin your Estate Planning

Annabel was admitted to practice in September 2020 following a career change from strategic planning, policy and governance. Prior to joining Solomon Hollett Lawyers in February 2022, Annabel worked in firms specialising in banking and finance, insolvency and commercial law.

Jessica Spee

Solicitor Begin your Estate Planning

Jessica was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in December 2020. Since 2016 and prior to her admission, Jessica worked in various roles in a commercial law firm which allowed to her gain invaluable exposure to a wide range of matters and an in-depth understanding of legal processes.

Jessica has extensive experience in the banking, finance and securities sector, managing matters from start to end.

Jessica has considerable skill in reviewing and providing advice in relation to trusts and securities, such as mortgages and guarantees, and is well versed in the preparation of new securities and various commercial documents. Jessica also has experience in estate planning, estate administration and conveyancing.

Jessica is a vibrant team member who provides a friendly and pragmatic attitude to the team and strives to assist in achieving the best outcome for all clients.

Maneesh Kelly

Law Graduate
08 6244 0985 08 6244 0985
Begin your Estate Planning

Maneesh joined Solomon Hollett in 2023 working part time whilst completing his law degree and in 2024 joined us full time as a Law Graduate. Maneesh is somewhat of a self-confessed generalist, which is what he thinks drew him to the legal arena given law touches every area of society, and why he was drawn to Solomon Hollett where he can gain experience both in the succession and commercial areas of the practice. Before working at Solomon Hollett Maneesh worked in hospitality and also spent large amounts of time volunteering with Fairgame Australia, a not-for-profit based in Perth. Fairgame sends teams to rural and remote communities in WA to run school holiday activities for children, and also run a sports goods recycling program, sending large amounts of pre-loved sport equipment to communities in need. Sport also extends into Maneesh’s downtime – and when not working he loves the beach, staying in touch with friends, reading a good book or watching sport on the box.

Antonella Smith

Accounts Manager
(08) 6244 0985 08 6244 0985
Begin your Estate Planning

Antonella joined Solomon Hollett Lawyers in 2022 as our Accounts Manager ensuring the finance function of the business runs like a well oiled machine.