07 July 2018

Congratulations Brandon

When we work with each of our clients, we make an effort to get to know as much about them as possible. What is important to them, what makes them tick, what they are looking to achieve and why; all helping us better match them up with the right tactics and strategies we can employ to help achieve their end game.

To square the ledger, we like our clients to know more about our lawyers too. And who better to start with than Brandon Hetherington given his recent promotion to Associate within the firm, a promotion we heartily congratulate him on.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I was admitted to practice here in WA in 2013, and joined Solomon Hollett in 2017. When it comes to my background, my experience spans across Wills and estate planning, probate and family provision claims, property law, criminal law, commercial law and litigation. I appear frequently across the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court (both civil and probate divisions), Family Court of Western Australia and the State Administrative Tribunal; Court work something I really enjoy.

In my first four years I primarily practiced in estate planning, commercial law, family law and criminal law. Whilst I never felt that family law was my calling, I am thankful for the time I spent practicing it as it gave me exposure to areas of the law which often intersect so closely with what I do now. These days my main areas of practice are estate planning, estate litigation, general commercial work, property law and commercial litigation.

And why was law the thing you wanted to do?

I always wanted to be a lawyer, however at high school, I spread my subjects between English Literature, Indonesian and my other love – Science. I did really well in Science and whilst I was accepted into Law and Engineering, when I left high school I originally started studying a Molecular Biotechnology Degree.

I very quickly realised that I wasn’t built to be in a research profession that didn’t have face to face contact with other people every day. I went back to law and knew immediately that I had made the right decision. I was happy to hear my family and friends say “We were wondering when you would realise this was what you were meant to do”.

What does life outside work look like for you?

I am a very social person and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love the gym and enjoy participating in the City to Surf, which I have done for the last 10 years, bar one year I was out of action thanks to knee surgery.

And what is it about the law that gives you such a kick?

In the legal profession, clients put their faith and trust in you to secure a result. There is nothing more satisfying than contacting a client and letting them know you have secured the result you were working towards. It is always rewarding to know in yourself that you have put 100% into a client’s matter at every step of the way.