14 December 2016

Congratulations to an arts advocate

Taking my beloved legal hat off for a moment, and putting my beloved hat on as Chair of the Perth Theatre Trust, I am very pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Tanya Sim to the Board of Trustees of the Perth Theatre Trust. Tanya is one of the co-founders and is Managing Director of Block […]

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13 December 2016

If I’m bankrupt, can I still sue?

In a nutshell, with very limited exceptions, the answer to this question is no. When a person becomes bankrupt, then under the Bankruptcy Act: All of the property they have at the time they are declared bankrupt automatically vests in the Official Trustee in Bankruptcy. In other words, it becomes the property of the Official […]

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11 December 2016

Power of Attorney and its increasing misuse

There is a discussion paper due tomorrow that highlights the scourge of misuse of Powers of Attorney and the failure of our system nationally to adequately address this.  The paper will be released by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) tomorrow which includes proposals to deal with the rise in financial abuse of the elderly […]

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9 December 2016

Does a verbal agreement signify a binding contract?

If you enter into an agreement in writing, such as when you sign an offer and acceptance to purchase a house or you enter into a contract of employment, it is generally accepted that you have entered into a legally binding contract. I am regularly asked whether a verbal agreement or an unsigned contract can […]

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4 December 2016

Is your business making one of these common mistakes we see all too often?

As the year comes to a close we’ve taken a look back at what were the most common mistakes we saw businesses make from a legal perspective.  We wanted to share these with you to ensure you don’t do the same. Accepting handshake deals. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of properly documenting any agreement […]

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